“Everyone Has A Story”

Yes…everyone does have a story and I am humbled to be able to share mine with you. I am a human being who is imperfect and I have learned, the only way to find peace in your life, is to have compassion and empathy for all of humanity.

I am just a simple mom spreading #365daysofjoy. I live to inspire and be inspired by you, sharing what we are passionate about. I want to do something for those that aren’t as comfortable to share, because it’s my way of thinking outside the box. I make the time for myself as a mom, to manage my disability by writing my feelings down and in the process, I have continued to educate and value myself. I made a choice to use my energy in a positive way, by working hard to value myself. For me, that was a far better choice, then to live my life feeling entitled by my misfortune. I find no excuse, to take the easy road or justify why I can’t be successful or pursue my passions and help others. I do believe,”not naive” that most things are possible with hard work, consistency, accountability and a desire to make a better life for yourself and the future generations to come.

Change is not easy, it has to be a lifestyle choice. The message we send to others is what inspires simple change one day at a time. I am always gracious to you that listen, care and share. We are all able and accountable to at the least, try.

This is a healing process for me writing to you being relatable and showing a side of humanity that many people don’t often get to see or lack the courage to share. I hope you find inspiration and courage to pay it forward and make the time to value your life, because I value all that you share with me.

1 thought on ““Everyone Has A Story”

  1. Ann Jett

    So beautifully stated, Rachel. Your blog resonated with me on many levels. We all like to think we have “control” over our lives but in reality we simply don’t. We do have control over how we manage what fate has in store for us, how we react and our attitude. We can be bitter or we can look for the positive in our situations and in the people who come in and out of our lives. We can be empowered by our choices or celebrate the blessings we have. We can choose to make the best out situations, rise above hate and learn to be a little less judgmental. We’re all on a journey, a path and sometimes there are curves and we stumble. We can pick ourselves up and push through or fall by the side of the road while better days and better things remain out of reach. Clearly, you choose the former and you inspire your friends and followers. Keep sharing your voice – there are many of us who feel blessed as you do and focus on the positive, live with a sense of humor, embrace our happiness and are grateful for what we have.


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