The Triumphant Turtle

As I lay in bed writing this…I first share gratitude that I am awake, alive and able to share. I remind myself, that I am the one who has to get myself up, clean the clutter that surrounds the keyboard that calls me, to share something that might inspire someone, they are worth a life filled with joy.

I was once asked by a therapist, if I had suffered trauma in my life. For some ridiculous reason, I had to think about whether or not, the bad stuff that happened to me, was worthy of sharing. I stopped to think about the “really bad” stuff that is happening throughout the world we live in and it made me feel ashamed for feeling or sharing my pain. I will share with you, every trauma no matter how big or small is valid. No trauma should be compared to another. Your trauma is real, your pain is valid and so are you. It’s not until you, validate yourself and deal with the pain, that you can heal.

If you are here today, remind yourself that you are the one that’s doing the work. You are seeking inspiration, reading to educate your mind and you are doing something that will hopefully help lead you to a life filled with 365 days of joy.

For me, somedays…I celebrate getting myself out of bed, getting into the shower and changing out of what I wore the night before. Somedays, I celebrate finishing the laundry, cooking dinner, washing the dishes and maybe I was really motivated to run the vacuum over the dirt covered floors. Just maybe, I venture out of the house and not because I have to drive carpool or take the kids somewhere, but because the sun came out and I had the courage to see the real world and the beauty that surrounds me; not what the media decided to show me vicariously threw the internet and television.

I started by making a list, all the “must do’s” and each time I finish one, I celebrated that. I finally found myself worthy enough to do something for just me, that isn’t a “must do”. I held myself accountable to get out and do something, that made me feel good about me. Not because, I had to…but, because I just might find myself worth a lot more, to a lot of people, who needed and wanted my inspiration.

A few things I try to do…
Sign up for a charity walk, join a book club, help feed those who are homeless, download a couch to 5k or become an active member of a group that is grateful for my participation and that I am inspired by.

I never compare myself. My pains or my success’s are not anymore or any less, then anyone else. Each day I survive is a blessing and yes, somedays I am just celebrating getting out of bed. We are all responsible for our own happiness and you will know, if what your doing is working…because, you will feel it and the people around you will see it. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it…When we put out the positive, we draw it to us and that’s when you will see consistent growth and a life that’s filled with joy.

I share that these past few months…I have not let my anxiety or fear of failure, stop me from starting what I will finish this month, “The United NYC half marathon”. I will be, “the triumphant turtle”, running grateful for human kindness and with empathy for all those who had the patience to follow and share my journey.

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “The Triumphant Turtle

  1. Ann Jett

    As I write this through tears, I am reminded that positive, genuinely good people exist often as angels walking amongst us. Thank you for getting up, responding to the call of your cluttered work space (mine is a hazard ) and inspiring us through your grace, gratitude and joy.

  2. happydaysforlife

    Thanks for sharing your inspiring post! I loved everything you said but for some reason this really made me pause and think “but because the sun came out and I had the courage to see the real world and the beauty that surrounds me; not what the media decided to show me vicariously threw the internet and television”…. It’s so true and yet I’ve never thought of it exactly that way before (seeing it yourself versus a curated version through media), thank you 🙂

  3. rbbrand

    Rachel, you truly are an inspiring human being. Your spirit and soul are pure and your willingness to share your life with others, for positive reasons, is an unselfish act. It’s so great that you can take such pleasure in the littlest, simple things as well as those big tasks. There really is nothing that can stop you from achieving what you set your mind to.

  4. Allison Lander

    Rachel, you have inspired me in so many ways. I admire your strength and courage for telling your story an how you struggle every day to chose happiness. I have a very similar story and I am following all that you do to keep me inspired and accountable to me for my own progress. My weight is coming off, slowly, but going down, I can walk farther every day and find that I have more energy every day. I do have set backs due to my lung condition and other medical issues which put me in the hospital but I pick myself up dust off and get moving. I can’t thank you enough for friend requesting me so I can see all that you do. I truly hope as I get stronger I will be with you going into new haven to feed and clothe the homeless. Thank you for sharing you have made a Hugh difference in my life. ❤️ Allison


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