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Dear America

A Super Tuesday? How about a Wonderful Wednesday, delivering a meal to your sick neighbor. How about a Thoughtful Thursday, when you comment on your friends beautiful smile. How about a Fantastic Friday, when you stay up late and play a board game with your kids. How about a Super Saturday, when you wake up and treat yourself to a big breakfast. How about a Soulful Sunday, when you gather with friends to run or walk for a charity that’s appreciating and deserving of your presence and monetary contribution. How about a Motivating Monday, when you share something that inspires someone they are worth living for…

Let’s make it a Truthful Tuesday, it’s a miracle many of us are still here on this beautiful earth. Too many people fight hard everyday just to keep a roof over their heads, if they are lucky enough to have one. It’s a miracle if you aren’t sick with some rare disease or don’t know someone who is. Let’s be real, we have each other and that’s a blessing and for as long as I live, I will be grateful for just that.

At the end of the day, it’s the communities we care about, that care about our well being.  It’s our family and friends, that are really there for us in times of need.  To my friends, it’s not my business what your personal policies are. What I care about, is that your a good person who genuinely cares not just about yourself, but the well being of the people who love and care about you.

I want a leader who has empathy, the ability to listen and negotiate change for the greater good. I want a leader who recognizes that we live in a flawed system and that blaming everyone else isn’t going to change the past. The evidence shows, years of failed attempts trying to come up with solutions and pointing the finger, only continues to trap the people, who are just trying to survive. I want a leader that has ideas and consistently works towards strategic sollution, rather then creating a strategic brand. I want a leader who recognizes and is accountable to their mistakes and treats humanity as a whole rather then to only celebrate the individual or individuals who have been blessed with the resources to grow, in a dying enviornement.

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President…I want to celebrate, everyday is someday and everyone is somebody that’s deserving of human kindness and an equal right to grow at their own pace.