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Vulnerable Joy

We all have to be vulnerable…to love, find success, and fail.

I choose to put my heart out there in an attempt to make a difference, inspiring a future of kindness and compassion for humanity. I am doing something, rather then doing nothing. I have a purpose, that’s become greater then just myself and I am being accountable to that.

I no longer live in shame, because I had the courage to be accountable to my mistakes and to forgive myself. I no longer blame or judge, because having empathy or compassion for those who hurt me, are far greater weapons in my arsenal of emotions then simple anger and hate. Sometimes, when we wrong someone or they have wronged us, it’s as simple as saying sorry and that’s always a great start. The truth is, if we are feeling shame or pain, sorry…is often not enough and that’s when it’s time to rise up and be brave.

The most important part of the healing process, is granting yourself and others the patience to heal. Allow yourself the time, to understand why your hurting or why you hurt someone else. I choose to have empathy, we all process things differently and no you shouldn’t have to wait forever. I give myself a time line, how long can “I” withstand being unforgiven…if someone can’t forgive; I might say goodbye, having compassion for them. I can’t go back and change the past, but I can be accountable to the part of it that I own. The simple fact is, not until you own your mistakes and failures can you move forward and or be forgiven. When you have empathy or show compassion for those who are too afraid to forgive, you free yourself from them and or the pain associated with them.

You have to be brave enough to share what your passionate about, believe in yourself and trust that if you are enthusiastic about what you are doing, you will find joy. I am celebrating 365 days of joy, for what’s going to be the third year. Has everyday always been so joyful, of course not…It’s become a movement that I am proud to share, a simple and daily form of accountability to my own happiness and that I hope brings you one day closer to yours.